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Permission for Crazy-Clean to come aboard and make your Yacht look great year round?


Crazy-Clean offers a wide variety of yacht service to keep your vessel clean and well-maintained; washing, waxing, wash downs, interior cleaning and varnish work.  

Crazy-Clean also offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wash downs and or cleanings for your convenience.  We also offer a shopping service in which we will stock your yacht with all the amenities that you may need for your next trip.

Detailing and polishing of your yacht is a

two-stage process. First, we select the correct

ratio of cleaners and abrasives for the surfaces

of  your boat and use them to clean away all

oxidation, scuff marks, water marks, and

discoloration. We get into all the little crevices 

and niches to detail every surface and remove all

rust stains.  Then we apply one or more coats of

combination of carnauba wax and polymers for

a high-gloss, protective finish. The finishing

coat provides superb protection from sunlight,

salt water, environmental pollution and even

spilled sun screen and old fish bait.

Keep your yacht interior in tip top condition by inviting our cleaning crew to give your yacht the once over. Dusting, polishing, vacuuming and scrubbing will keep  your state rooms, galley, heads and any area below deck in pristine condition. 

The wear and tear on your boat's wood can be harsh. The ocean's weather causes oils and soot to build-up on the surface, causing graying and promotes mildew growth. To help prevent mildew, rot or any other harmful deterioration, Crazy-Clean will come out and assess your boat's needs. Sometimes a simple touch up will solve your issue, while in other cases, a complete refinishing, sanding and applying fresh coats will help revive your wood finish. Wood that is correctly cared for will add to your investment as well as look great.

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