Crazy-Clean Window Cleaning will make your Windows so clean that you accidentally walk into them!

Everyone wants a great view: Whether you want the dog's nose print off the sliding glass door, a better view of beautiful Southern California from your kitchen window, or you want your clients to have a perfect view of the merchandise in your store front. 

We are very happy to say that

Crazy-Clean window cleaning is 100% green

and environmentally friendly.  We have a

professional, trained staff that will leave

your windows beautiful and streak free. 

Residential Window Cleaning Services
      •Windows Washed Inside and Out
      •Screens pulled and Cleaned
      •Window Tracks and Sills Cleaned

​      •Wind Screens washed inside and out

Additional Services offered while we have the squeegee in our hands

     •Shower doors - no more film!
     •Mirrors - no more smudges!
     •LIght Fixtures - when is the last time you cleaned yours?
     •Hard water spot removal - that damn sprinkler hitting the window!

Commercial Window Cleaning Services
     •Windows Washed Inside and Out
     •Window Tracks and Sills Cleaned


Post Construction Window Cleaning Services
    •Windows Washed Inside and Out

    •Window Frames, Tracks and Sills Deep Cleaned​


How often should you have your windows cleaned?

Most people that try to maintain their homes have their windows cleaned twice a year. But it also depends on what type of environment you reside in.  Living by the beach with the wind sand and salt is probably going to beat up your windows and you may need more frequent window cleaning.  The same goes if you live in a heavily wooded area, where there is a lot of pollen, tree sap, bugs etc., you may need more frequent window cleaning.  The same goes if you live in a heavily trafficed area, you would be surprised how much more dirty windows get with a lot of car traffic in front of your house.


Staff- We know that letting people into your home or office can be a nervous experience.  Our staff is friendly, cosiderate and professional in both demeanor and attire.  Crazy-Clean is alo  fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind and reassurance.  


Crazy-Clean is very flexible and we can customize a  window cleaning for you, whether you just want the outside of your windows washed,  just the first floor, or you just want a few rooms cleaned because you are having a party.  Call us, we'll work with you.


Email us at,​

or call us to set up a appointment or if you have any questions at 619-89-CLEAN

​or send us a carrier pigeon, use smoke signals, mental telepathy, pony express, telegram...

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