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                                                                       Crazy-Clean Window Washing and Window Cleaning

                                                                       Crazy-Clean is happy to come give you an estimate on cleaning your windows, residential                                                                          and commercial.  We clean tracks, windowsils, wipe  down screens and clean both sides of                                                                        the  glass.  Prices starting at $6.00 a window.  We will customize any cleaning to fit your                                                                              needs.  

                                                                                              Don't forget to have us clean your solar panels cleaned to maximize their output and                                                                              save you money in the long run.




Crazy-Clean Janitorial/Commercial office space cleaning                                                                  Crazy-Clean wants to help you make your office look great all the time!  We will

work with you  and tailor make a cleaning package to meet your needs.  We can

do daily, biweekly or weekly cleanings.   We can handle all of your cleaning needs,

carpets, floors, windows, window  covering. 






                                          Crazy-Clean Yacht Cleaning

                                                               Crazy-Clean wants your yacht to look new again.  We offer a number of services to help                                                                              maintain your boat's appearance, Washing, Waxing, Wash Downs, Interior Cleaning,  Wood                                                                      Refinishing.   Whether it's  a one time cleaning or weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings , we                                                                    are happy to accomodate your needs.







Window Cleaning and Window Washing
Yacht washing and waxing



First known as Cowleston, Santee was originally named for one of its founding fathers, George A. Cowles. Three years after Cowles' death in 1887, his widow married Milton Santee, a local realtor and surveyor. In 1891, she received permission to operate the post office under her new husband's name and two years later, the community followed her lead and changed the town's name to Santee. Prior to its incorporation in 1980, Santee had seen many of its choice areas annexed by its neighboring city of El Cajon. With approximately half of its land still undeveloped today, Santee is one of the few cities in the county with space to grow. No longer just a bedroom community of homes, the city now boasts major commercial centers in its downtown area and a business community which employs thousands.


Santee has two major regional parks: Mission Trails Regional Park and Santee Lakes Regional Park. Started in 1974, Mission Trails has become one of the largest urban parks in the nation with over 40 miles of hiking trails, boating on Lake Murray, and camping at Kumeyaay Lake. Santee Lakes Park offers camping, fishing, and is the site of numerous annual events such as Spring Eggstravaganza at Santee Lakes, Movies by The Lake, and Santa at the Lakes. Another outdoor venue is the Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve and Goodan Ranch, which offers over 5,000 acres of both natural and developed recreational acres.


Santee is home to Carlton Oaks, one of the top-rated golf courses in the San Diego area and has a long history of hosting numerous prestigious golf events including the first stage of the PGA Tour Qualifying School in 2010, U.S. Open and U.S. Amateur qualifiers and a Canadian Tour qualifier. The course has hosted the San Diego Junior Masters, bringing 400 players ages 8-18 from all over the world for a tune-up before the Callaway Junior World Championships in San Diego the following week. Carlton Oaks has also hosted the NCAA Western Region Finals and the NCAA Championship in 1974



Santee Lakes Park In Santee

Carlton Oaks Golf Course in Santee

Cowles Mountain in Mission Trails Regoional Park

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