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Window Cleaning and Window Washing




                                                                       Crazy-Clean Window Washing and Window Cleaning

                                                                       Crazy-Clean is happy to come give you an estimate on cleaning your windows, residential                                                                          and commercial.  We clean tracks, windowsils, wipe  down screens and clean both sides of                                                                        the  glass.  Prices starting at $6.00 a window.  We will customize any cleaning to fit your                                                                              needs.  

                                                                                              Don't forget to have us clean your solar panels cleaned to maximize their output and                                                                              save you money in the long run.




Crazy-Clean Janitorial/Commercial office space cleaning                                                                  Crazy-Clean wants to help you make your office look great all the time!  We will

work with you  and tailor make a cleaning package to meet your needs.  We can

do daily, biweekly or weekly cleanings.   We can handle all of your cleaning needs,

carpets, floors, windows, window  covering. 






                                          Crazy-Clean Yacht Cleaning

                                                               Crazy-Clean wants your yacht to look new again.  We offer a number of services to help                                                                              maintain your boat's appearance, Washing, Waxing, Wash Downs, Interior Cleaning,  Wood                                                                      Refinishing.   Whether it's  a one time cleaning or weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings , we                                                                    are happy to accomodate your needs.







Yacht washing and waxing


Conveniently located in the center of San Diego County, Poway is the “City in the Country.” Poway is carefully committed to the preservation of its land, with over 4,700 acres of open space, 82 miles of trails, 25 parks. A family-oriented community, Poway offers a wide variety of housing, shopping and recreation opportunities.


Whether you’re looking to kick start your morning with a hike, walk the dog, unwind after a stressful day, or simply enjoy the great outdoors by immersing yourself in nature, Poway's Blue Sky Ecological Reserve has something for everyone.  As you stand at the trailhead you can’t help but feel you are about to enter a special place. Blue Sky is a 700-acre canyon rich in animals and plants. With Mount Woodson as its backdrop, an easy trail winds its way between coastal sage scrub, oak woodland, and mixed chaparral hillsides.


You can find an activity for everyone at the Lake Poway Recreation Area! Nestled in the hills of Poway amid groves of Eucalyptus and characteristic Southern California chaparral, Lake Poway offers annual community events, fishing and boating, an extensive trail system, picnicking, softball, summer day camps, and more. The lake serves as the water supply for Poway residents and has provided excellent outdoor recreation opportunities for the entire community since 1972


Poway is also home to  Maderas Golf Club, a Johnny Miller masterpiece. The top rated Golf Course in San Diego County seven consecutive years by Zagat Survey, Maderas Golf Club offers beauty and challenge as it winds through the cliffs, rock outcroppings, creeks and forests of the inland hill country of north San Diego. Golf in San Diego has never been better. Step onto the first tee and enjoy the course's three lakes, five waterfalls, and over forty acres of native wildflowers. Maderas Golf Club is the number one golf course in San Diego for a reason. Experience it for yourself.



Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Maderas Golf Course, Poway

Lake Poway

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