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Crazy-Clean wants to make your office look like a Showroom!

Your office has to be clean!  Not only is a clean office a more healthy working environment it is a more positive working environment.  A clean office shows your clients that you take pride in your business and it shows your staff that you care about their health.

We can customize a cleaning schedule to fit your specific needs, whether it's once a week or daily.

We also offer many extra services to help maintain the aesthetic appearance and the cleanliness of your office space:

Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Blind Cleaning
Parking lot Cleaning

•Supply Inventory

•Floor stripping and waxing


We can even restripe your Parking lot!

We at Crazy-Clean  take pride

in our business and what we do.  We

work hard to get our accounts looking

great. To borrow a great quote "if you

don't look good, we don't look good!"

We don't use any kind of "miracle cleaner" at Crazy-Clean.  We just use common sense, hard work, elbow grease, and good communication with our clients to get the job done.

How clean is your office? We don't mean to scare you, but...

According to a recent study by Dr. Charles Gerba from the University of Arizona, the average office desk is home to 5,015 germs per square inch, 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. And, the average office phone harbors even more bacteria at 5,585 per square inch. Without proper cleaning, the office environment can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, leading to illness and lost time in productivity.

All Common Areas

clean doors
dust filing cabinets
dust all furniture
dust overhead lighting
dust high areas
dust all partitions and ledges
dust all mini blinds
dust and disinfect desks
clean air vents
dust pictures/decoraticve art
empty waste baskets/replace liners
clean doors and door jams
spot clean walls 
sanitize all phones
dust computer screens/keyboards
clean and sanitize water coolers
clean baseboards
clean and disinfect door knobs, light switches, recepticles
sweep and mop reception area
vaccum all carpeted areas

Conference Room

wipe and polish conference table
wipe and polish credenza and cabinets
wipe down chairs


clean and disinfect table/counters
refrigerators, wipe down exterior
refrigerators, disinfect interior
wipe down cabinets/furniture
clean and disinfect sink
clean, disinfect microwaves, inside and out
sweep and mop floors



clean and sanitize toilets
clean and sanitize sinks/counters
clean and sanitize urinals
clean mirrors and all chrome
clean and sanitize dispencers
empty trash/replace liners
fill sanitarry/soap/t.p./paper towel dispensers
replace deodorizers
clean restroom partitions
spot clean walls up to 6'
sanitize and mop floors

Closing procedures

maintain and inventory cleaning supply room
arrange furniture
turn off lights
turn off air conditioning
lock all doors and windows
activate alarm system

Additional Services

Cleaning Window Teatments (blinds)
Washing Windows (inside, outside)
Carpet Cleaning
Spot Clean Carpets
Steam Clean Upholstery
Buffing/Waxing Floors


sanitary napkins
toilet paper
seat liners
paper towels
trash can liners
cleaning supplies

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