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                                                                       Crazy-Clean Window Washing and Window Cleaning

                                                                       Crazy-Clean is happy to come give you an estimate on cleaning your windows, residential                                                                          and commercial.  We clean tracks, windowsils, wipe  down screens and clean both sides of                                                                        the  glass.  Prices starting at $6.00 a window.  We will customize any cleaning to fit your                                                                              needs.  

                                                                                              Don't forget to have us clean your solar panels cleaned to maximize their output and                                                                              save you money in the long run.




Crazy-Clean Janitorial/Commercial office space cleaning                                                                  Crazy-Clean wants to help you make your office look great all the time!  We will

work with you  and tailor make a cleaning package to meet your needs.  We can

do daily, biweekly or weekly cleanings.   We can handle all of your cleaning needs,

carpets, floors, windows, window  covering. 






                                          Crazy-Clean Yacht Cleaning

                                                               Crazy-Clean wants your yacht to look new again.  We offer a number of services to help                                                                              maintain your boat's appearance, Washing, Waxing, Wash Downs, Interior Cleaning,  Wood                                                                      Refinishing.   Whether it's  a one time cleaning or weekly, biweekly or monthly cleanings , we                                                                    are happy to accomodate your needs.







Window Cleaning and Window Washing
San Diego Janitorial Servies
Yacht washing and waxing

We CLEAN like CRAZY in Point Loma!


Point Loma is historically important as the landing place of the first European expedition to come ashore in present-day California. The Point Loma peninsula has been described as "where California began."  The picturesque Cabrillo Naional Monument  which contains the Point Loma Lighthouse is located at the southwestern tip of the peninsula and is A great place to learn the history of the area, check out sweeping views of San Diego, go for a hike or wade into interesting little tidal pools. If you're looking for great surf, locals frequent a number of quality surf breaks along sunset cliffs the western edge of Point Loma.


Family roots run deep and there is a strong local community in Point Loma.  Notable people from Point Loma include America's Cup Captain Dennis Connor, MLB Perfect game pitchers Don Larson and David Wells, "Mrs. Cunningham" from Happy Days, Marion Ross, founder of Jack In The Box Restaurants Robert O. Peterson.


A nautical atmosphere prevails on Shelter Island, one of San Diego's principal boating centers, where marinas, resort hotels, restaurants and bayside parks welcome sailors and landlubbers with recreational amenities. Many short and long-range sportfishing trips depart from here, catching a host of Pacific fish like Yellowtail, Albacore, Halibut, Dorado, Calico Bass and a variety of rock fish. Shelter Island is also home to Humphries, and their summer Concerts by the Bay, which attract nationally known musicians and comedians



Point loma window cleaning
Point loma  window cleaning
Point Loma Window Washing

Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma

The Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma

Humpheys Summer Concerts by the Bay

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