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Crazy-Clean knows that you have a lot of eclectic cleaning and projects that you would rather have us do for you!

Other Services that Crazy Clean provides:

Solar Panel Cleaning - dirty solar panels are not efficient, let us save you money in the long run by cleaning your solar panels for you.


​Driveway Cleaning - let us get all that grime and that big oil stain off your driveway!​

Gutter Cleaning - let us get the leaves, twigs and sludge out of your gutters, and save you the time and danger of going up and down a ladder.



​Holiday Light Hanging - let us add some holiday cheer to your home or office by hanging festive lights during the holidays.

Light Bulb Changing and Smoke Alarm Battery Changing - we know some of our clients have health issues and find it hard to get up and down a ladder, let us help make your life easier and safer.​


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning - let us bring some life and color back into your carpet and furniture. 



Ceiling Fan Cleaning- The last think you want is a dusty ceiling fan spreading germs in your home.

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